IOM in Lithuania


Lithuania, the first of the Baltic States, in 1998 became a full member of the International Organization for Migration. During the 15 years of operation IOM office situated in Vilnius has implemented many various projects in both Lithuania and abroad. The main functions and activities of the IOM Vilnius office are:

  • Voluntary return and reintegration assistance. IOM Vilnius office helps migrants in difficult situations to return to their countries of origin and provides them a possibility to get a reintegration assistance to establish themselves there.
  • Representation of Government of Lithuania on the European Migration Network (EMN). EMN is the network initiated by European Commission and coordinated by national ministries, research institutes, non-governmental and governmental organizations, in which the information on EU member countries migration policies is exchanged, researches are conducted and consultative meetings are organized.
  • Integration of migrants. IOM Vilnius office informs and advises foreigners in Lithuania on integration-related issues, organizes cross-cultural trainings, with the aim - to combat racism and xenophobia, and to increase public awareness and tolerance to people from other countries.
  • Information for migration centre "I choos Lithuania". Centre is providing information for Lithuanian migrants who are comming or willing to come back to Lithuania. Consultations are given on all questions related to return, health system, education, labour market, etc.
  • Research and migration policymaking. IOM is actively involved in migration policymaking in Lithuania, conducts research, develops education and other background material relevant to migration, and cooperate with governmental and non-governmental organizations in Lithuania and in the world.


Currently IOM Vilnius office are carrying out these projects:

  • Voluntary return and reintegration assistance
  • Information for migration centre "I choose Lithuania"
  • Representing the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in the European Migration Network

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