How can I benefit from the voluntary return assistance programme?

The following information explains the process of receiving assistance for voluntary return:


1. Fill in the form

You can fill out an application form on our website. You can also receive it by e-mail or or in person at the IOM Office in Vilnius.

If you are not sure how to complete the application form please don't hesitate to contact IOM staff.


2. IOM staff consultation

On receipt of the completed application form, IOM staff will review whether the person meets the programme's criteria and inform him/her, about the possibilities to provide help. During a telephone and / or direct consultation, IOM staff informs the migrant about the voluntary return process, determines the needs and discusses the details of the departure.

By providing a public transport ticket, the trip to IOM Vilnius office for consultation can be compensated.


3. Document processing

If the foreigner meets all the conditions of the programme, IOM staff arranges for the issue of all the necessary travel documents when the migrant does not have them (i. e. a. valid identity document, a decision on the return trip home, required  transit visas, insurance, etc.).

If a person has all the necessary travel documents, the process proceeds directly to the next step: travel tickets.


4. Travel tickets

When a person has all the necessary travel documents, travel tickets are booked. Tickets and baggage fee (if any) shall be paid by the IOM. Depending on the country of origin, the trip can be organized by bus, train or plane. The departure date and method are negotiated with the migrant. IOM staff always tries to find the safest and most convenient travel routes. If needed, the IOM Office staff contacts with the IOM Offices in the country of origin/transit and arranges for assistance in return/transit.


5. Accomodation prior to departure (if needed)

If the migrant has no personal resources and a place to stay before the departure, IOM provides meals and temporary accommodation in a safe and convenient place.


6. The day of departure

On the day of departure IOM staff accompanies the migrant to the airport / station, helps to register for the flight and goes up to the place of departure. The migrant then travels alone, not accompanied by any staff or other passengers, however, if needed, he/she can be provided with medical or humanitarian escort.

On the day of the departure the migrant also gets a pocket allowance allowance for unforeseen costs and (if necessary) trip to his home town.


7. If needed, a person can be provided with transit and/or welcome assistance in the country of transit or upon arrival to the country or origin.

To ensure a smooth return home, if needed, IOM Office staff will inform the IOM offices in transit and/or the country of origin, which will provide the necessary assistance to the migrant, will help change the airports or train / bus stations, provide with accomodation and take him/her home.

Additional services are provided to vulnerable individuals from third countries. In such cases, according to the migrant's individual needs, IOM also provides:

• Consultations of health care professionals and social workers prior to the trip back home

• Accompanying medical and humanitarian personnel during the trip

• Transportation of additional special baggage