What kind of assistance is provided?



      - Consultations on all issues related to the return;

      - Interpretation of consultations;

      - Legal consultations;

      - Assistance in obtaining travel documents necessary for the return;

      - Travel arrangements, routing, ticketing, payment for excess baggage;

      - Temporary accommodation before departure, and food rations;

      - Transit assistance during the travel;

      - Meeting in the country of origin upon return;

      - A pocket allowance prior to departure;

      - Additional assistance to vulnerable persons depending on individual needs (consultations with doctor or psychologist, medical or humanitarian escort to the country of origin);

      - Reintegration assistance (the start of reintegration programme will be confirmed later)



According to the definition of the International Organization for Migration, vulnerable groups include: persons with disability; persons with severe diseases; elderly people; pregnant women; single parents with two or more children, large families; victims of human rafficking; victims of torture; unaccompanied minors.


The IOM organizes the returns only to secure countries. Due to unsave situation in some countries, currently no voluntary returns are organized to Crimea, Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Libya, Gaza, Yemen, North Korea.